Monetate for Testing & Targeting

A Better Way
to A/B Test

Monetate customers grow their year-over-year revenue 39% more than their competitors.

Luckily for you, we’re giving away the 10 testing and targeting best practices that got them there.

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A lot of testing programs exist today.

They promise incredible results, in nearly no time at all, by simply switching out elements on your website.
They’re lying.

The Truth

In order to get real business results, you can’t just test your website. You need to optimize your website for specific target segments.

That’s why we built Monetate for Testing & Targeting. It’s a customer-centric testing program, which means it’s focused on helping you take your customers’ behaviors and contexts, segment your audience based on that data, and reshape your website to deliver better experiences to them.

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What makes us different?

The result of a customer-centric testing solution, like ours, is increasing loyalty among existing customers, finding new ones who fall head over heels for you, and seeing lifts in key metrics.
It’ll make you wish you found us sooner.

You’ll have unlimited tests to help you drive your business forward, custom targeting and segmentation to find out how your tests work with a specific audience, and the ability to immediately push winners to 100 percent of your audience to maximize the business impact.

We know, we know… you’ve heard some of this before.
But here’s what makes us different:

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What the heck do we
know anyway?

Since 2007, we’ve been helping some of the web’s biggest brands create better customer experiences on their websites and in their emails. Testing has always been a part of how we do that. And it works. Our customers outperform the industry by 39%.

Part of that is our customer base; they’re really smart brands with really smart marketers driving them forward. But part of it is also our product; we’ve built it to be used by the marketer, meaning a single user has everything they need to create, deliver and measure their digital marketing campaigns across all touchpoints
—at scale.